Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Movie Premiere: One For The Road - December 3rd, 2011

Shredison High is super stoked to announce the Stockton Premiere of the latest and greatest TGR (Teton Gravity Research) Ski Movie - ONE FOR THE ROAD.  The movie will be shown on December 3rd, 2011 at the Empire Theater on the Miracle Mile of Beautiful Stockton.  There will be two showings and....Wait for it......There will be Sugar Bowl and/or Kirkwood passes given to each participant.

Tickets are available at the Stockton R.E.I. Store on Pacific Avenue and at the Stockton Empire Theater on The Miracle Mile

The Premiere represents the Kick-Off to the 2012 Season for Shredison.  Needless to say, that stokes us to no end!  Get your tickets pronto, before it sells out!!!!

7:00 PM and 9:15 PM

Be there or nowhere!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Obviously, it has been proven over and over that Shredison is going to have an EPIC trip every time they hit the slopes!  This past trip proved no different.  Tip of the Goggles to Rob, Ms. Atad and Ms. Gonzalez for their significant chaperoning and caravaning abilities.  These EPIC adventures are not possible without the support of the kind chaperones.  The weather was a bit unwelcoming, however our shredders have been tried and tested and were well equipped to deal with the conditions.  Plus, how can you be bummed when snow is still falling in late April!  This year has seen some crazy weather!  Well, it is official! THE fastest shredder on the Team is none other than the great Aren Menor.  Congrats for whoopin the rest of us.  Also, I think we can safely say that we have a true wipeout master, as well, in Mr. Inshreddable.  Finally - Donner Lake, Snow Flake Polar Bear, Roadhouse and Happy Easter!!!  Nuff Said.  ahh, the memories....

Monday, April 18, 2011


SUGAR BOWL 4/17/2011

Team Shredison won't let the changing of the seasons stop them from shredding, although prom did cause a few to sell out...you know who you are!  Sugar Bowl welcomed us with open lifts and slushy snow.  Plus, the springtime weather keeps the crowds down to a minimum and brings out the shorts wearing Noel and Efrain!  Also, a Big Big Thanks to Mrs. Gayle, who was shreddin the escalator and Ms. Zavala, for transporting our fine young shredders to the slopes!   Well, we officially have some team members trying to join the Red Bull Team so they can throw some airs at the Red Bull Park over at Squaw next week!  Watch out for Shred no Shame and Mr. Inshreddable.  Don't confuse them with F-22's.

Thanks again, SKIDUCK and Sugar Bowl (and Peter and his crew up there) for another epic adventure on the slopes! 

Shred no Shame taking Flight!
Mr. Inshreddable gettin wicked
Shredderina taking in the epic views atop Mt. Lincoln
Justin, Anthony and Efrain checkin the view of Donner Lake atop Mt. Lincoln (notice the shorts on Efrain!)
Before our big race down Jerome Hill - Maud took the # 1 spot, but there might have to be a redo to get it right!
Aren, Gaby and Efrain enjoying the view of Donner Lake
Sorry to betray you, ShredIn-N-Out, but Five Guys wants to talk sponsorship details...
Mr. Inshreddable once again gettin sick with it...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too much of a good thing??? Never!!!


What is Shredison gonna do when the snow melts???  We have been so spoiled by SkiDUCK and the resorts, (especially Squaw Valley) that we are probably going to have to go to a Snowboarding and Skiing Rehab Center!  The kids are going to experience some crazy withdrawals.  Maybe we'll have to chase Old Man Winter to the Southern Hemi.  Is there even any chair lifts in the South America? If not, I guess we'll have to save up to charter some Helicopters...

Well, Shredison was at it again thanks to Dave and the SkiDUCK crew and SQUAW.  Also, thanks to the epic weather that is bringing out the spring-time-slope shenanigans that is one of our favorite things about the Skiing and Snowboarding World.  Next time, we are going to bring our swimsuits and join the hot tub and pool party at High Camp. We should have more pics to prove it, but we saw skiers and boarders in speedos, shirtless, classic 80's hot dog get-ups, and even some nutjob viking, representin' the Shredison Vikings themselves!

Where do these people come from?
Efrain, D'angelo, jojo and Too Hot Kirklan entering the Mighty Squaw!
Noel representin' on his way in to the board shop
Shred-Queens Sabrina, Victoria and Nikki getting ready to rule the slopes
D'angelo prepping for his photo-shoot with Transworld Snowboarding Magazine...
Sabrina and Victoria headed to the top...
"Bro, did you just see that dude eat it?...ha!"
Check out that epic view of Lake Tahoe...Noel soaking it all in
Derek and D'angelo taking in the panoramic Lake Tahoe View!
Derek and D'angelo taking a break halfway down the Home Run...
Derek and D'angelo hitting a two run Home Run
ShreddIn-N-Out still hasn't offered a sponsorship, so we might try Five Guys after the next trip!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The SWEET, SWEET TASTE of Sugar Bowl !

Sugar Bowl 4/3/2011

Shredison was at it again - Ripping and Shredding it up at Sugar Bowl in Norden, CA!  THANK YOU SKIDUCK AND SUGAR BOWL!!!

The Sun was blazin'
The Sky was Blue
The House Band was jammin', 
Where were you?!

Wherever you were, you missed out on a super radical skiing and boarding session of the highest order and there is NO WAY you were having as much fun as Shredison was!  FIRST OFF, Sugar Bowl is the bizness, Peter and Matt were awesome in accommodating us - Thanks Guys!  SECOND, Schwartz was in the house directing traffic "SkiDUCK" style - Thanks, Ron!  Third, it was a perfect Spring-Skiing day with some SHREDDABLE SLUSHY SNOW.   Thanks, Weather!  Fourth, Mr. Maurin and Ms. Gonzales transported the shredders.  Thanks, Chaperones!  Last, but definitely not least  -- the kids were Slope-Killers in the Kindest way.  Thanks, Kids!           Oh, and one more thing  -  In'N'Out is becoming a welcomed tradition.  Thanks, Burgers, Fries and Shakes!   Maybe you could be a sponsor one day.

I told you to wear some sunglasses......lol!
Shred-In 'N' Out 

Another Satisfying and Epic Day! 

Also, We learned a new skiing term that possibly happened to one of our skiers!

Did somebody say YARD SALE ???!!!

Look Familiar, Kirklan ???

 Another Satisfying Day on the slopes!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Return to Squaw Valley...and it was SQUAWESOME!!!


The Shredison Ski Team returned to Squaw for another SQUAWEsome adventure thanks once again to SKIDUCK, especially Clint L. and Dave W.!!!  Thanks for spending some quality time with us! We had several first timers that were ripping from the get-go beginning.  A few pics below, and HERE is the link to the rest.   A video should be very soon to follow!

Ready to SHRED!

the snowball fight that took place at this hill was ferocious....